NSAID Complications Part 2



In a continuation from Creekside Chiropractic’s last blog, regarding the topic of risk factors with chronic regular NSAID (Alleve, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc.), we looked at evidence of a connection with erectile dysfunction. Today’s study looks at high blood pressure. Since increased blood pressure is undeniably connected to elevated risk for stroke, heart attack, TIA, aneurysm, it has earned the moniker “the silent killer.” This is significant enough that the AMA has changed the range of what is considered “normal” blood pressure. The top number, systolic, used to be considered good anywhere from a 100-140, now we look at the 120-140 range as pre-hypertensive, since people who are consistently in that range almost always continue on to high blood pressure at some point.  Likewise, the lower number, diastolic, used to be considered good from 60-90, now we view the 80-90 range as pre-hypertensive as well. So, anything that tends to drive up our blood pressure, even a little bit should be seriously factored into our life decisions on whether the pros outweigh the cons.

A study of medical records of 16,000 males who had no blood pressure problems at baseline followed their progression and compared the use of non-narcotic analgesic medications over two years and tracked blood pressure for comparison. Of the nearly 2000 men who developed high blood pressure, there was a statistically significant number of them who were regular users of pain reliever medication. The relationship was seen with NSAIDS, acetaminophen, and also with aspirin, which is interesting when you consider that many people are prescribed aspirin to prevent heart attacks. The citation is below, and it contains references to a number of other relevant studies including several that were performed exclusively on women.  Should Chiropractic care be considered as another option for controlling chronic pain?  In addition to alleviating headaches, back pain, neck pain, and extremity pain, improved mobility and function are commonly seen after chiropractic treatments.

Forman, et al. Frequency of Analgesic Use and Risk of Hypertension Among Men. Arch Intern Med. 2007;167(4):394-399

-Dr. Russell Petersen, DC. Creekside Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, 4027 S. Business Drive, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


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