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Whether you are looking to gain strength, improve form on certain lifts, decrease risk of injury, or just trying to become overall healthier and more fit, we can help you reach your goals! We offer a variety of Personal Training and Small Group Functional Training packages.  Need a total workout program to help reach your goals? Maybe you just need a little help improving form on difficult olympic lifts?  We can help!

Contact us for more information! Email [email protected] or call (920)459-9090.

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Our 1000 sqft gym facility includes functional strength training equipment such as a wall mounted Rogue Rig with pullup bars, Airdyne bike, Concept 2 rower, medicine balls, kettlebells, plyometric box, resistance bands, gymnastic rings, ballet bars, BOSU and wobble boards, kettlebells, dumbells, and barbells with bumper plates.  Mobility and myofascial equipment include foam rollers, Rockfloss, lacrosse balls, as well as Rogue weightlifting training bars. 

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Benefits of strength training:

The benefits to training for strength are numerous and go far beyond simply increased muscle mass (although that is a great benefit!). 

Nervous System:

Strength training is an amazing way to also build connections in your nervous system. Strength training better conditions the nervous system to transmit electrical signals from the brain to muscles, increasing the neural connections from your brain to your muscles, which can therefore increase the force your muscles can produce.

Brain Health: 

Some research suggests that regular strength training and aerobic exercise may help improve thinking and learning skills. Strength training is shown to decrease degenerative changes in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is in charge of cognition, making decisions, and memory.  Strength training is also tied to better mental health, decreased stress and anxiety. Strength training releases endorphins and serotonin, "the feel good chemicals" in your brain.   

Bone Density:

Weight training is prone to improve bone density and decrease risk of osteoporosis or osteopenia. It is especially important to strength train the legs, which improves bone density in the pelvis and hips, common areas of fracture in the aging population.

Preventing chronic disease:

Physical inactivity is a primary cause of most chronic diseases.

Cardiovascular Health:

Strength training is actually a great way to train the heart. During exercise, our hearts have to pump harder to get blood to our muscles.  This strengthens our heart muscle in a similar way that typical cardiovascular workouts would (jogging, etc.).


We offer a variety of Personal Training and Small Group Functional Training packages.  

Contact us for more information! Email [email protected] or call (920)459-9090 


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