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Launching June 6th, group fitness classes taught by fitness expert Charity Wolf will surely get you sweating, smiling, and ready for whatever comes next. 

To save time before your first attended class, please print and sign the liability release form which can be dowloaded here: creekside-gym-use-waiver.pdf. This must be filled out prior to any use of the gym.

Class schedule for June:

Saturday June 6th

8:00AM Cardio Sculpt

9:30AM Butts & Guts

Saturday June 13th

8:00AM Cardio Mash-Up

9:30AM FitFlow

Saturday June 20th

8:00AM Cardio Sculpt

9:30AM Butts & Guts

Saturday June 27th

8:00AM FitFlow

9:30AM Cardio Kickboxing

Class packs available in 5, 10, or 20 classes. If you would like to purchase a pack, please call 920-459-9090.

Group Fitness Menu:

Butts & Guts: 

A 55 minute workout that brings the focus to the glutes & abdominals. Exercises focus on single and pulsing movements in order to get the most out of the muscle!  You’re sure to love this format...and feel it tomorrow!

Cardio Kickboxing: 

A 55 minute workout that incorporates traditional kickboxing movement like punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and more!  Learn about stances, visual targets, aiming points, guards, and blocks in this high-energy, music-driven workout. Work through short combinations to challenge your heart rate as well as your coordination.  No previous kickbox experience necessary.

Cardio Kickboxing Express: 

A 30 minute version of your favorite Cardio Kickboxing class!

Cardio Mash-Up: 

A 55 minute workout that combines 3 of your favorite class formats: Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Sculpt, and Cardio Tabatas.  After warming up, enjoy 10-15 minutes of each format, followed by a cooldown and stretch.  An opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and get FIT, FAST!

Cardio Sculpt: 

A 55 minute workout that incorporates the best of both worlds: cardio AND strength! Begin with a body weight cardio section that focuses on movements designed to be low-impact and fun! Next, move to the resistance cardio section that still has you moving, but now with light hand weights and a small resistance band around your legs.  Finally, finish the class with some strength exercises that are designed to hit all the major muscle groups. This is a format you’re sure to love!

Cardio Sculpt Express: 

A 30 minute version of your favorite Cardio Sculpt class!

Cardio Strength Intervals: 

A 55 minute class that takes you through mini circuits with 2 exercises in each: one cardio movement, and the other strength. Work interval times range from :30 up to :90 and challenge you to find your endurance!

Cardio Tabatas:

**A 20-30 minute class for those who love high intensity! Using the Tabata method (:20 work interval, :10 rest interval, repeat 8 times), we work to elevate the heart rate, increase your athleticism, and make you S-W-E-A-T! **A baseline level of fitness is highly encouraged to participate in this class


A 20 minute class that targets the abdominals, low back, and lateral trunk muscles.  Strengthening this area of the body can work to improve your posture, breathing, and prevent injuries. A quick, but efficient core workout!

CPC Circuits: 

Move around the room in this 55 minute circuit-style class.  The instructor will walk through and demonstrate all of the exercises before the class begins, as well as help critique and improve technique throughout class. You’ll be coached throughout each station, and challenged to redefine your self-imposed limitations.


A 55 minute workout that includes yoga, strength exercises, and short cardio intervals.  This class is a total body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, improve balance, and challenge the cardiovascular system. Ideal for all levels & guaranteed to make you sweat!

FitFlow Express: 

A 30 minute version of your favorite FitFlow class!

TRX 101: 

A FREE 20 minute INTRO class for those who have never participated in a TRX class before.  This class is REQUIRED before attending the other TRX class options offered at CPC.


**A 20 minute class that keeps you on the TRX suspension training straps the entire time.  Challenge yourself to improve core strength, balance, and coordination. **Completion of TRX 101 class is needed to participate in this class.

TRX Full Body Fit: 

**A 55 minute class that incorporates the TRX suspension trainer, as well as many other training tools such as the BOSU trainer, SlamBall, Stability Ball, Jump Rope, Resistance bands, and Dumbbells.  You’ll feel like a kid at recess time with how much fun you’re having during this full-body cardio and strength focused workout. **Completion of TRX 101 class is needed to participate in this class.


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