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The Sheboygan chiropractors at Creekside Chiropractic and Rehabilitation utilize treatment that is Evidence-Based, Patient-Centered, and Outcome-Focused.  What exactly does that does that mean?


The treatment provided at Creekside is based on the most current research available.  After a thorough physical examination identifies the source of pain or dysfunction, scientifically proven treatment methods are utilized to restore health and function.  This approach allows for a high success rate and avoids the "hope it works" treatment provided by non-proven methods.


Care is tailored to the unique goals and needs of each patient.  There is no "cookie-cutter" treatment at Creekside because there are no "cookie-cutter" patients.  An important part of exceeding our patient's expectations is establishing the patient's individual goals.  A treatment plan is then formed to meet the goal, whether it is back pain relief, headache relief, or sports performance enhancement, the treatment is about YOU!


Our office uses Outcome Assessment Tools to track patient progress and make sure treatment is successful.  Results matter to us because results matter to you!  Outcome assessments allow us to analyze pain and function patterns throughout a treatment plan.  How do we know that a treatment works?  We can prove it through these assessments. If a treatment or technique is not producing the desired results and leading toward our patient's goal, we stop using it and modify recommendations accordingly.  Patients can rest assured they will not be recommended endless treatment plans for their condition.

An Integrated Approach-

Our office recognizes the importance of soft tissue function in musculoskeletal complaints.  Instead of focusing solely on the bones and joints of the body like traditional chiropractic, we incorporate state of the art soft tissue treatments including Active Release Technique.  Patients enjoy quicker, longer lasting results when both the soft tissue and skeletal dysfunctions are addressed properly.


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