Corporate Wellness Solutions

Corporate Wellness Solutions 

Creekside Chiropractic & Performance Center provides the workforce with chiropractic, manual therapy, and exercise rehabilitation services.  We offer accessible and affordable care for businesses small or large, with or without the utilization of commercial insurance policies. 

Our facilities are located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, but we are able to work with businesses within a 75 mile radius for on site care and treatment.

To inquire about our corporate health & wellness solutions, please email [email protected]


Working together with businesses to improve their employee health and wellness is smart, cost effective, and boosts numerous metrics of both employee satisfaction and health.

Creekside Performance Center is positioned to assist businesses in reducing the burden of musculoskeletal complaints, which account for a large amount of lost productive time, absenteeism, and lack of presenteeism. 


Workers lose an average of 4.6 hours per week due to a painful condition, costing American employers 200 billion dollars annually (1,2).  

The most common complaints include low back pain (27 percent), headaches or migraines (15 percent), neck pain (15 percent), and face/jaw pain (4 percent).  Over half the workforce surveyed reported having a headache, low back pain, arthritis, or some other musculoskeletal complaint in the last two weeks (3).  

The "white-collar" worker absenteeism costs employers approximately $10,000 per year.  Absenteeism is associated with a lower quality of life for employees (10).  

In the workplace, lower back pain is the second most common cause for loss of work, only behind upper respiratory conditions such as cold or flu (4).  

Cost effective Care

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggests that chiropractic services offered on-site versus off site might promote lower utilization of costly health care services while improve neuro-musculoskeletal function.  Additionally, chiropractic patients have a conservative, less invasive treatment profile, which cans significantly reduce the overall cost of treatment (4). 

spine costs

On-site chiropractic services are associated with lower overall health care utilization and subsequent costs.  In particular, on site chiropractic services are connected with lower use of radiology services and decreased outpatient and emergency visits (5). 

Chiropractic as an effective treatment:

 A 2010 study completed by insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield showed that episodes of care initiated with a chiropractor were 20 percent less expensive than episodes initiated with an MD (6). 

 A 2009 report states "when considering effectiveness and cost together, chiropractic care for low back and neck pain is highly cost effective and represents a good value" (7)

Spinal manipulative care for both chronic and acute LBP was more effective and provided more short-term relief than many other types of care, including prescriptions drugs, physical therapy, and home exercise (8)

Another study concludes that, "Overall, chiropractic patients showed better outcomes, less use of opioids, and had fewer surgeries, with lower expenses (9). 

Common solutions:

There are numerous ways that you can offer your employees our services, from employee funded to company subsidized programs.  These are highly variable between employers, and vary depending on goals, budget, space, etc.  Solutions are often turn-key, require little HR involvement, and can be implemented quickly, unlike many wellness initiatives.  Some of the more common are listed below: 

On-site at your facility:

We are able to come on-site allowing immediate access, requiring no travel or scheduling by employees.  We are able to provide care outside of the Sheboygan area by traveling to your facility. 

Off-site at our office:

We are able to treat your employees in our own office.  We have access to all of our equipment, and are able to be more flexible with time, as employees can make appointments anytime during our normal business hours. Priority scheduling to employees can guarantee same or next day appointments.    

Looking for more information and research on the topic? See the PDF's listed below:











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