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Chiropractic Adjustments


We provide a wide variety of diversified adjusting techniques in order to make sure each patient is comfortable and confident that each adjustment performed is safe and effective. Our goal with the chiropractic adjustment is to restore proper motion to each joint in order to help patients achieve as close to perfect biomechanical function as possible. We focus on proper motion to keep the joints of the spine and extremities healthy and pain free.  Dr. Tislau and Dr. Petersen have years of training and experience in spinal and extremity adjusting.  In addition to traditional chiropractic joint manipulation (patients typically feel a “popping sound”), our doctors are also trained in Flexion Distraction (table assisted treatment), Activator (low force instrument assisted impulse adjusting), and non-force passive joint mobilization.  This special training ensures each patient will receive a chiropractic adjusting technique tailored to their specific problem and comfort level.  Creekside Chiropractic and Rehabilitation has been providing spinal and extremity adjustments to the Sheboygan area for over 20 years.