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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common problems in American society. There are many causes ranging from disc injury, arthritis, facet stenosis, muscle strain, ligament sprain, to contusions, and in some cases referred pain from internal organs like the kidney.  A chiropractor can potentially be helpful with all but the latter of these issues and is superiorly trained to diagnose conditions of the spine compared to most other health professions. The success of chiropractic treatment for back pain is dependent on first obtaining a good diagnosis.  That is why the Sheboygan Chiropractors at Creekside perform a thorough physical examination on every treatment.  Although once opposed, the AMA now endorses Chiropractic as a valid means of treatment and encourages it to be tried before patients consider more  invasive treatments like surgery*. Chiropractors can take X-rays or order advance imaging studies for a more specific diagnosis if the physical exam determines it is needed.  If Chiropractic treatment is not indicated, patients will be referred to the most appropriate specialist treat their condition.

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