Chiropractic for Pain or Performance? Chiropractic and the NFL

If you think chiropractic care is just for pain, think again!  Top athletes in almost every sport utilize chiropractic treatments not only when they get injured but also to help them perform at their best.  If chiropractic treatment can make these players function better, don't you think that it would help with the rest of us "weekend warriors" also?

Here are links to two recent articles featuring NFL team chiropractors and their experiences working with their respective teams. The first article features Dr. Michael Miller of the New England Patriots and the second Dr. Alan Sokoloff of the Baltimore Ravens. Dr. Miller and Dr. Sokoloff both explain how much appreciation they receive and how many of the players utilize a before game adjustment in order to help them maintain and/or achieve their optimum performance on the field. During the games the team chiropractors also note frequently adjusting players in order to help them return to play after some injuries sustained on the field.

There is now an official on staff chiropractor for every NFL team and even a Professional Football Chiropractic organization. Although chiropractors have been used for sports teams and events all over the world for many years, recently more professional and world class athletes are publicly expressing the importance of making chiropractic care apart of their ritual before and during a performance. There are also many chiropractic colleges that have specific programs where student interns can provide chiropractic care, basic first aid, and emergency care to help prevent injuries and benefit athletes of all sports and skill levels.

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